Frequently asked questions

How do i add CoinAstral ($CASL) to my Wallet?
How do i receive CoinAstral ($CASL) to my crypto wallet after sending payment?
How to store your CoinAstral ($CASL) Safely?
What is the maximum supply of CASL token?
Additional tips?
  • You will need to open your wallet and then go to the "Add Token" or "Import Token" section.

  • Choose "Custom Token"

  • You will then be asked to enter the Token contract address.

  • Copy and paste $CASL Token Contract Address: 0xfef08a699f9c7a11d2a30645e4ce6e3398a31923

  • Once you have entered the contract address, click "Next" to add it to your wallet.

Once you have received your CoinAstral ($CASL), you should store them safely. Your tokens are only as secure as the wallet you use to store them. Make sure to choose a reputable wallet and follow their security guidelines.

  • Create an Ethereum wallet to store your new ERC20 tokens. There are many different Ethereum wallets available, so you can choose one that best suits your needs. Some popular options include MetaMask, and Trust Wallet.

  • To receive the $CASL token, you will need to provide your wallet address to the CoinAstral ($CASL) team.

Here are some additional tips for using MetaMask:

  • Keep your secret recovery phrase safe and never share it with anyone.

  • Be careful when interacting with websites and apps that connect to your MetaMask wallet.

  • Only send funds to addresses that you trust.

  • Regularly check for updates to MetaMask.