About $CASL

Limited to 21 million coins, $CASL is supported by high-value domains, representing the prime real estate of the digital age. With only a fixed amount in circulation, scarcity is created, potentially driving up demand and maintaining the stability and potential appreciation of CoinAstral's value.

The USD has been on a steady decline since the 1970s due to a monetary policy called quantitative easing. The scarcity of $CASL is intentionally planned to prevent inflation and sustain its worth in the long run. With a limited supply, $CASL avoids the drawbacks of quantitative easing and guarantees the value of each $CASL.

Our mission

Our focus is revolutionizing the premium domain market by merging multiple services to simplify and enhance our clients' experiences. Our aim is to find ideal domains that perfectly align with our clients' preferences, requirements, and financial abilities.

Our vision

Our goal is to create a world where individuals can purchase premium domains that align perfectly with their needs, instead of having to settle for a less ideal option. This is why we invest a great deal of time and effort in getting to know our customers, starting from the moment they reach out to us for assistance.